Why did we write this book?

Because there is misconception about natural medicine in today’s “Big Pharma” controlled world.

For much of our young lives, genuine healing was something out of reach, like it was locked away in a safe that we were unable to open. It can be both frustrating and frightening when you realize that the “experts” (medical doctors) know very little about accessing the natural tools for health recovery, much less health maintenance. When that moment of disillusionment occurs, you have a choice to make. You can give up, because the authorities keep telling you that you can’t possibly know how to heal yourself unless you have a degree and a license. Or you can recognize the truth that having a “duh”-gree or permission from the government can never replace your God-given birthright to do that which your cells know to be true.


But how do you get information that must be so valuable that it has been locked away and is seemingly unobtainable?

Easy …

… just ask TMB and RSB.


We wrote this book with the intention of providing you with keys necessary to unlock the power to heal. By no means is this book a scholarly work.  We decided to write this book in layman’s terms, with a minimum of medical jargon and without long lists of references. Unlike Emeril Lagasse, who likes to “kick it up a notch,” our goal was to “bring it down a notch” and enable you to actually comprehend the information about nutrition and overall health. We both hope that you benefit from the book and that you are empowered with vital information which will allow you to unlock the power to heal.


Below is the table of contents. We have “hot linked” several of the chapters so you can get a feel for the actual contents of the book. Check ‘em out.


A Century of Progress?
Schwarz, Mertz, and GTF
"Death By Chromium"
Vitamin D - "Nature's Gift"
Water Water Everywhere
You Are What You Eat
Zap the "Bad Guys" With Zeolites
The Standard American Diet is “SAD"
Enzymes “Schmenzymes”
Snuggly Substrate
Doctor, Doctor, Gimme Some News!
“But I Don’t Need No Stinking Supplements!”
The Road to Colostomy Bags is Paved with Antibiotics & Prednisone
Back to the Basics
He’s Blinded Me With “Silver Science”!
Vitamins – A Vestige of the Vox Populi
Silver + Aloe = SUCCESS
Magnificent Majestic Minerals
“Heigh Ho Silver! Away!”
"Yes Sir, Major Mineral"
More Magnificent Remedies
They Vanished Without a Trace (Mineral)
Minimizing Blood Loss & Rebuilding Plasma
Tissue Trauma Tips
Stupendous Selenium
The Sad, Sullen Saga of Selenium Slander
Proven Procedures to Prevent Pain




No one book is exhaustive in covering every aspect, technique and substance for healing. That would take a rather large library. We brought together keys to unlock the basic starting points on your road to recovery and ultimate health maintenance. This information does not replace the assistance of appropriate (and preferably holistic) health care providers when needed, but it does provide a foundation upon which you may build a vibrantly healthy future – without anyone’s permission.

Now go forth and tell everyone that you have the keys to unlock the power to heal. And please remember ...

the power to heal is most definitely yours!